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The much loved story of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” from the 1964 children’s novel by Roald Dahl, was first famously adapted for the screen in the 1971 musical fantasy film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” directed by Mel Stuart and starring Gene Wilder. Arguably one of Wilder’s best known roles, the character of Willy Wonka has gone on to inspire wonderful performances by Johnny Depp, in his 2005 portrayal “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and more recently, Douglas Hodge, in a new musical adaptation of the same name, at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London. The 1971 film was an enduring memory of many of our staff’s childhoods and so we were delighted when All Scene All Props commissioned Rug Couture to produce Willy Wonka’s edible grass meadow for the ‘Chocolate Room’ set in the new Sam Mendes musical.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Founded by Danny Hayter and Piers Ross in 2000, All Scene All Props provides scenery and props to theatre and related arts. They now have an enviable reputation within the industry for the quality and execution of the projects that they have worked on.

'We were delighted when All Scene All Props commissioned Rug Couture to produce Willy Wonka's edible grass meadow for the 'Chocolate Room' set in the new Sam Mendes musical.'

Lee Darlington, Sales Director
Rug Couture
All Scene All Props constructing the ‘Chocolate Room’ set.

All Scene All Props constructing the ‘Chocolate Room’ set.

Ladybird rug in production

The wide, shaggy art silk rugs were expertly applied to the wooden frame to create the edible grass.

All Scene All Props were a pleasure to work with as they employ a very thorough process not dissimilar to our own at Rug Couture; utilising project management, CAD and a full sample service prior to undertaking any work. After initial discussion we recommended the use of a wide shaggy art silk, in a deep lime green to create the grass like feel but with added appeal due to its light reflective shimmering nature, which worked extremely well under the expertly designed lighting.

The meadow comprised 6 large rugs, which were expertly installed by the team over a contoured stage design to create the irresistible edible setting. Together with Douglas Hodge’s performance Mark Thompson’s magical stage design received excellent reviews with “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” being awarded the 2014 Olivier Award for Best Costume.

Main stage featuring several shaggy rugs

The final ‘Chocolate Room’ set complete with edible grass meadow in use - Stage Design © Mark Thompson 2013.

'"All Scene All Props were delighted to have been selected as one of four scenery builders to realise one of the largest projects to be seen in the West End for quite some time. Roald Dahl's deliciously dark tale of young Charlie Bucket and the mysterious confectioner Willy Wonka comes to life in a brand new West End musical "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" directed by Academy Award® winner Sam Mendes. Opening at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, June 2013, it absolutely was and is a hit. The design by remarkable Mark Thompson is exquisite and undoubtedly challenged the workshop throughout the build, but was an enormous pleasure'

Abbie Farnworth, Project Manager
All Scene All Props


  • Olivier Awards Best Lighting Design and Best Costume Design.

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