Case Study - Five Star Hotel

Five Stare Hotel, London

Five Star Hotel, London

Rug Couture have worked within the hospitality and hotel sector for the last 10 years delivering solutions for five star and boutique hotels, and have helped to deliver substantial savings of up to 30% on their budget for flooring as compared to previous suppliers. The reason Rug Couture can do this is; Full control and ownership of the entire design, sales, manufacturing and supply chain process.

  • Manufacturer based pricing with the service levels of a London based design firm.
  • Site visits and the ability to bring almost 2000 colours for you to choose from.
  • Ability to handle all design needs in-house - Design team based in London UK.
  • Project management from start to finis.h
  • Capacity to create very large pieces along with transportation and fitting.
  • After sales support with regards to solutions for cleaning and repair and provision of advice on the types of materials to use based on area and usage.
  • Expedited delivery times for urgent projects.


Volume: 1,000 sq. metres
Areas: Luxury suites, ramp, reception, lift, lobby and marble hall.

Montage of rug finishing and installation process.

Hotel suite in production and in-situ.

Bespoke rugs in hotel suite

Hotel suite

Suite rugs: Area 660 sq. metres, 14 rugs for 7 luxury suites.
Quality: hand tufted, pure wool, 80 tufts per square inch.
Pile Height: 12-14mm 4.5 kg’s wool/sq. meter.

Custom rug manufacturing and finishing

Ramp area in production and complete.

Ramp Rugs: Area 130 sq. meters.
Quality: hand tufted, pure wool, 55 tufts per square inch.
Pile Height: 10-12mm, 3.5 kg’s wool / sq. meter.

Custom rug with Greek key motif

Lift Lobby rug.

Reception area rug

Reception area rug

Reception area rugs: area 60 sq. meters, 4 rugs.
Quality: Hand Tufted, 4.5kg’s / sq. meter, pure wool, 80 tufts per square inch.
Pile Height 12-14mm 4.5 kg’s wool / sq. meter

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