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Founded in 1999, Shazam pioneered the audio recognition technology which was helping mobile phone users to identify music via SMS message as early as 2002. Today, via its mobile app and free non-mobile download users can ‘Shazam' songs and TV shows and are able to identify, explore, purchase and share their results.

Shazam Custom Rugs

'Rug Couture were kind enough to design and manufacture a custom-made rug bearing the Shazam logo for our London Hammersmith office. From start to finish, their people were great to deal with.'

Brendan P. Lewis
Shazam, NYC

Shazam now boasts in excess of 100 million monthly active users and announced in 2014 that it’s technology had been used to identify 15 billion songs. Such rarefied figures are only shared by services such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube and with these come a very high level of brand recognition. Therefore, when we embarked on their branded rug we were very mindful of the familiarity of the Shazam brand and the resulting attention to detail required in order to create a faithful reproduction.

'Shazam is evolving from being a way to identify a song to a way for people to explore and connect with the world around them.'

Rich Riley
CEO, Shazam

Mr Lee Darlington, Co director of Rug Couture explains: “Shazam very kindly supplied our design department with a copy of their brand guidelines. From these, our designers were able to carefully match the seven Pantone colours specified in their brand artwork. Where there was any doubt due to the brand being reproduced in a new material; New Zealand Wool, rather than in its usual printed or on screen form, complementary colour samples were sent to Shazam for their approval. Once agreed a final ‘graph’ of the design was sent to the client to ensure the placement and design proportions were as they would wish. Once in production images of the rug were sent at appropriate intervals to keep everyone abreast of the process and progress.”

'It was situated in Shazam's busy "Artist's Lounge (think of it like Jonathan Ross's Green Room). There Shazam run what are called 'Shazam Sessions' where we invite artists in to do a set which we record for our website (Rita Ora, Passenger, Rebecca Ferguson, Misha B, Stooshe, Kathryn Jenkins are some artists who've been in to our London office and recorded for us). As part of that on-site visit we do an interview. The interview and the artist and artist's managers use the Artist's Lounge when they're here. We have just moved into this floor so the room is just being done up and the rug would finish off the room well.'

Tutte Watson, PA to Andrew Fisher
Shazam, London

The finished rug measured 2.1 x 3.2m and was hand tufted in New Zealand Wool, giving a luxurious, plush pile underfoot with stain inhibition treatment to give extra durability for use in such a heavy traffic area.

Shazam custom wool rug Rug in bespoke colours to match brand

'Rug Couture were able to exactly match Shazam's corporate colours, and kept our staff in the loop by sending us images at every stage of production. The finished product is a fabulous addition to our offices,and popular with employees and visitors alike.'

Brendan P. Lewis
Shazam, NYC

For more information on Shazam please visit their website:

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