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    kathryn rayward

    kathryn rayward

    kathryn rayward rugs

    Kathryn Rayward

    At the age of seven Kathryn Rayward announced to her parents that she wanted to paint her room black and drape red velvet all over the place! It was only logical that having gained her honours degree in Theatre Design and having worked as a successful scenic artist and trompe l'oeil specialist that she would start to work her unique magic in other people's homes. Kathryn has never looked back and now runs a successful interior design company with offices in Brighton and the South of France and is one of the most distinctive designers working on television today.

    Her television career kicked off when the long and painful renovation of her house was featured in an episode of Channel 4's popular "Grand Designs" television show here in the UK. This belief in the rewards offered by expressing ones individuality in ones own home naturally led her to the creation of custom rugs and to Rug Couture.

    It was our pleasure to work with Kathryn, Roxy and Stan. The hand drawn line lends itself to the craft of rug making very well. In order to retain the children's lovely hand drawn style we used New Zealand Wool in a very high quality so the fine lines and detail could be achieved. New Zealand Wool is incredibly soft, durable and being non-shedding is a must for small children. All stages were undertaken in consultation with Kathryn.

    Stan's wonderful submarine rug measured 120 x 200cm with Roxy’s Circular rug being 120cm. Kathryn selected her chosen colours from colour samples and a medium pile of 15-18mm pile was chosen for both rugs giving a pile thickness suitable for both the bathroom and a child’s bedroom.

    stan's rug

    Stan's rug

    "When the finished rugs arrived we were blown away! They exceeded all of our expectations and have become a talking point in the house to all who visit. Working with Rug Couture was an absolute pleasure. We look forward to working with you in the future." Kathryn Rayward

    While she is not busy creating fabulous interiors and one off pieces as "Scarlet Puppy Designs" Kathryn designs sets for the National Youth Theatre and writes extensively for a number of publications. For more information on Kathryn and her work please visit her website: www.kathrynraywardinteriors.co.uk

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